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Phillips Research & Engineering, INC.

PRE Definition 1. a: prior to, before b: preparatory or prerequisite to 2: in advance, beforehand
Racing Definition 1. any contest or competition, esp. to achieve superiority 2. to run with undue or uncontrolled speed when the load is diminished without corresponding diminution of fuel, force, etc.

Phillips Research & Engineering, INC. was born out of a long and extensive history of high performance engine building, fabrication, tuning, kit building, and, of course, racing. Extensive, creative, innovative, yet highly functional vehicle modification has been our love and passion since day one. The company is the brain trust of Ben Phillips, current operating CEO, and was geared towards the on-going development of all performance-driving fields. We are driven by pure passion, the love of racing and not by profit margins, greed, or inflated ego's.

Helping to grow and support the performance automotive community is a must for us. We have and will continue to participate in all forms of racing from road race/road course events, 1/4 mile drag competitions, top speed, drifting, rally/endurance, and much more. Our devotion for racing in all its forms seems to supercede everything else in our lives, (for better or worse).

In a market loaded with mis-information based on "smoke and mirrors'." inflated numbers and statistics, and a million new fly-by-night performance "hack shops", PRE-Racing is committed to honesty and offering what other shops are incapable of providing.

So many of these so called performance parts shops have little or NO understanding of the parts they offer and even less understanding of automotive engineering! These performance parts shops tend to be owned and run by individuals who are driven solely by ego and profit. They may be able to read a product description to you, relay what the manufacturer has supplied them in regards to the part, or simply feed you here-say info that they gathered from other sources. The deeper you probe, the fewer answers you'll find. When you have a question about how to properly setup a product you have purchased, what tricks are required for installation, what other parts may be required to for it's use, how it will function and perform with other components you have or plan to purchase, what its strengths and weaknesses are, how it compares to other similar products, the only answers you get are nothing better then the individual's assumptions, "please contact the manufacturer", or some other lame excuse. It happens every day and we hear horror stories about the results to no end.

With over 114 years of combined applied high performance technical training our staff can answer just about any question you may have with confidence and "Real World" understanding. We will never suggest or sell any part we do not recommend for your particular application, regardless if we have hundred's of the items sitting on the shelf. We are not parts-salesmen who push whatever item is hot or has the highest profit margin. We are skilled engine builder's, tuner's, fabricator's, and engineers who have been in this industry for many long years and are dedicated to helping you source and install the highest quality components that best suit your needs and application. We have helped to design, refine, and develop many of the parts offered on the market to date by working with the product manufacturers, designers, engineers, and race teams. We have designed and engineered our own components, kits, etc. to ensure our customers have access to the most state-of-the-art refined parts available. We are no strangers to the parts we sell and have installed and tested EVERYTHING we offer on this website. The majority of our testing has been through intense ultra high horse power race applications under severe abuse. With superior knowledge of the 2JZ Toyota Power Plant, PRE-Racing has continued to press the envelope in the Toyota Supra community, our love for all import and domestic vehicles has led us to the top of our field.

We work on all forms of vehicles, imported and domestic, common and exotic, and run multiple facilities in the US. Our attention to detail and quality of workmanship is second to none. We can't tell you how many "hack jobs" have been brought to us for repair. Whether built by a small hole-in-the-wall-shop or large well-known shop, we see careless, sloppy, inexperienced work performed in all areas of the build. The work done in the areas you can't see tends to be even worse then the work you can see. From electrical nightmares, to fuel system work that is on the edge of burning the passenger's alive, motor work that is catastrophic at best, engine management systems pathetically wired and tuned, the list goes on and on. Our commitment to quality and exacting standards means you will always get what you pay for. We have hand-built hundreds of the worlds fastest and quickest Toyota Supras to date and alot of other domestic and import vehicles. Our facilities are not junk piled spaces with oil stained floors, filth covered surfaces, scattered parts and tools. We run each shop like a laboratory and treat EACH and EVERY customer's vehicle as if it were our own. We may not be the fastest or the cheapest as a result of our attention to detail and never-ending quest for perfection but, we are the best.

Our highly trained tuning staff travels worldwide on a regular basis to setup, install, and tune Engine Management Systems (EMS) on customer vehicles. We also will re-wire/re-tune your existing engine management system if the so-called "tuner" who previously set it up did a poor job (another thing we see on a VERY regular basis)

We exist to refine this industry, to research and develop new components, techniques, and methods, and do so using the latest most technologically advanced equipment and information available. We thank you for choosing Phillips Research & Engineering as your one stop source for all your high performance needs.

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