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Tuning Schedule

Up coming NON-Private tuning dates:

Trying our best to keep this section up to date although dates may change occasionally.

2011 current schedule

February 8th-9th  San Jose, CA   No slots available

February 23rd-24th   Miami, FL     Possibly 1 slot still open

March 10-17th Houston, TX           Slots available

March 25th-28th  Scottsdale, AZ      Possibly 1 slot still open

April 13th-15th   New York/New Jersey     Currently no slots still open

April 28th-May 2nd  Peoria, AZ    Slots available

May tuning dates in both Toronto Canada on the list and North Carolina, specific dates not yet set, contact us for more information.   Thanks!!

June 11th-13th Chicago, IL      Possible slots available

June 25th-26th   San Diego, CA      Currently no slots available

July 15th-17th  Toronto Canada   Currently no slots open

August 1st  Denver, CO    Looks to be a quick tuning trip so not sure on slots.

August 10th-12th  Albuquerque NM  Import tuning session, back to back, a few slots open currently

September  Toronto Canada, dates uncertain as of now.

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