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Brembo 14.0" Big Brake Kit $2,995.00 
Brembo 14.0" Big Brake Kit

Brembo 14.0" Big Brake Kit, Front

This is the kit PRE-Racing recommends for your Supra and uses on all their cars. It has 14.0" rotors & Ferrari F50 calipers & stops even better (hard to believe!!). The actual kit is pictured.

18" wheels are required for you to be able to fit these rotors & calipers underneath your Supra. Please note that on this kit the rotors a cross-drilled only, not slotted. Brembo does not offer these in slotted or cross-drilled and slotted. They are available only as pictured here.

This 2-piece system rotor system weighs in at a significant weight saving as compared to your stock rotors and calipers.
Your Supra TT OEM calipers weigh 29.0 pounds.  The Brembo weigh 22.0, saving you 7 pounds of sprung weight.
Your smaller Supra TT OEM rotors weigh 38.2 pounds.  The Brembo 14" rotors weigh only 33.4 pounds, saving you 4.8 pounds of sprung weight.
As you may know, sprung weight (rotating weigh like your flywheel, rotors, pulleys) slows your car down 10 times more than unsprung (stationary) weight.  Upgrading to the 14" Brembo kit will save you 118 pounds worth of stationary weight!

Billet aluminum hats are application specific and have been individually machined to engineering specifications. The copyrighted Brembo design of the rotors & calipers creates what they call a ''floating disc'' which reduces heat related stress and tremendously improves brake performance and pedal feel.

Available Caliper colors red, silver, and black.  Please select below.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 10 November, 2006.
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