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Solid shifter mount bushings $40.00 
Solid shifter mount bushings

Your shifter fork that attaches your transmission to your shifter is held onto the transmission by 2 bushings, one on each side of the fork. The stock pieces are made of a rubber. These bushings are made from lightweight billet aluminum.

These billet bushings stabilize the shifter and offer a more precise feel. The stock rubber bushings have a lot of play in them and these billet bushings completely eliminate that giving you a precise and accurate shift every time.

Over time your stock bushings fail entirely. In fact its extremely rare to see a set that have not failed!! You can not buy just the stock rubber bushing replacements, you have to buy the whole fork. Even if you did that, you would still have nothing better than the stock bushings which are junk frankly. (sorry Toyota)

The kit includes everything pictured her. You need nothing more than a vise to do it yourself.

You do NOT have to drop your transmission to install these although it does make it a bit easier. All you have to do is unbolt the shifter tower from the transmission and if you need more room, just unbolt the transmission mount and let the transmission hang a bit.

After using these bushings I would call them a MUST HAVE item. Although its dangerous with any motor combination running the risk of spinning your bearings and destroying your motor due to a missed shift with a built or stroked motor is a mistake few of us can afford!

These bushings are run in every single PRE-Racing 6 speed. Period.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 12 November, 2006.
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